Drinks and Beverages

Try these refreshing beverages for your delight. They are exotic and most of the fruit juices are from tropical fruits. If you have some experiences to share you can visit our Facebook page or exchange recipes also. If you want to know of the latest update on this site, you can visit our Blog.

Nutri Juice – an exciting way of making a nutritious drink. Kamote or sweet potato leaves are known as a good source of fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. Some say it can cure dengue.

Mango Caramel Slush – An exciting way of making slush using blended mangoes. Just don’t forget to remove the seeds and peelings before putting it in your blender!

Pandan and Lemon grass Iced Tea – a unique ice tea made from boiled pandan or fragrant screwpine leaves and lemongrass and added with calamansi juice to make it more flavorful.

Buko Pandan Melon Cooler – a refreshing buko pandan cooler with buko and melon strips.

Chico Cooler Shake – a great shake made from blended chico with sugar syrup and ice.

Ampalaya ( Bitter Melon ) Cooler Shake – a unique shake made from ampalaya or bitter melon with lime or dayap juice.

Lemonade with Orange Gelatin– lemonade with orange and gelatin mixture.

Banana Shake – banana shake made from fresh bananas and milk blended together.

Banana-Pineapple Milk Shake – combination of ripe bananas, pineapple juice milk shake.

Frosted Cocktail – chilled lime and pineapple juice on crushed ice.

Fruit Juice Punch – a combination grapefruit,lemon, orange, pineapple juice and honey punch.

Fruitade – lemonade to be exact.

Kalamansi Concentrate – kalamansi or lime juice concentrate.

Lemon Punch – combination of orange and lemon juice, strawberries, crushed pineapple lemon punch.

Melon And Kalamansi Juice – combination of melon cubes and kalamansi or lime juice.

Sparkle Punch – lemon lime punch with vanilla ice cream, cold milk, and sugar.

Dalandan Shake (w/ picture) – cheap shake made from dalandan juice,syrup and crushed ice.

Watermelon Shake (w/ picture) – cheap shake made from seeded and cubed watermelon,sugar syrup and crushed ice.

Kamias Shake (Ginger Lily) (w/ picture) – cheap shake made from kamias fruits,sugar syrup and crushed ice.

Green Mango Punch – punch made from green mango and carbonated beverage.

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