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Kalamansi Concentrate

Try this refreshing kalamansi or lime juice concentrate. It is very simple to make, you only need kalamansi, sugar and water. By making this concentrate, you can keep it on your refrigerator for a long time and make kalamansi juice anytime you want. No need to extract the juice from fresh kalamansi everytime you want to make a refreshing beverage. Kalamansi is also rich in vitamin c which you can use to treat flu or colds to strenghten the body’s immune system.


15 pcs kalamansi
2 cups sugar
2 cups water

How to make kalamansi concentrate:

COOKING AND HEALTH TIPS: Zesty Rind – Before you squeeze juice from a lemon, grate off the rind into a freezer bag and freeze. When a recipe calls for lemon zest or rind, just pull it from the freezer. Sprinkle a little sugar over citrus zest or fresh ginger before chopping. The sugar not only dissolves and absorbs the juices but also helps spread the flavor.

Kalamansi Juice

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