Jessica Soho’s Kakanin Segment

It’s kind of entertaining to watch the different kakanin featured in Jessica Soho’s segment. If you missed that portion, then you are lucky because you will have a chance to glance on it again here.

Going back in history, because of the abundace of rice and coconuts in our tropical country, our fore fathers and mothers invented what we call now as “kakanin”. The three basic ingredient are malagkit rice or glutenous rice, coconut milk or gata and sugar.

The kakanin featured was Kalamay of Bohol, Moron of Leyte and Baye-Baye of Bacolod. In Mindanao there is Amek, Pakbol and Biakey. Cainta, the Bibingka Capital of the Philippines was also featured. The word Cainta came from the two tagalog words “Kain” and “Tayo”. The bibingka was first made in Cainta taught by the Sepoy or Indian who migrated there. The bibingka is different from the ones we buy in Christmas. It’s a rice cake (biko) topped with coconut jam or latik. Aling Kika was also featured, the famous kakaninmaker in Cainta. To see the video, just click on the Youtube video below.