Kamias Preserve


Kamias fruits ( or ginger lily) – (about 1 gallon container)
2 tbsp lime (apog)
Water enough to cover kamias

How to make kamias preserve:

  • Wash kamias, cut ends. Then, prick 5-6 times, all over with a toothpick. Soak in water with lime.
  • Soak overnight. Next day, wash 3 times in clear water. Blanch. Squeeze kamias one by one.
  • Squeeze gently so as not to crush the fruits. Measure water enough to cover kamias. Add sugar.
  • Measurement same as of water. Cook kamias in this syrup. Let boil for 10 minutes. Set aside.
  • Next day, boil again for 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure till the 4th day. On the 4th day, cook until syrup thickens and kamias color turns brown. Pack in sterilized bottle.

Kamias Preserve

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