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This is simpe procedure to how make salted eggs in brine. Usually, duck eggs are used in making salted eggs but you can use chicken eggs too. The reason why most of the time ducks eggs are used is because in my opinion, they have  tougher shell, longer storage life and larger egg yolks compared to chicken eggs.

How to make Salted Eggs In Brine:

  • Boil 6 cups of water and 12 cups of salt. Cool.
  • Carefully place 12 chicken or duck eggs in a wide-mouth glass jar. Pour the salt solution in the jar.
  • Weigh down eggs with plate or cup to keep them from floating or use a sealed plastic bag filled with the salt solution.
  • Cover mouth of jar with a perforated paper. Keep in cool, dry place.
  • Try an egg after 12 days. Soak again for 5 days more if egg is not salty enough.
  • You may use duck’s egg but soak them longer.
  • When ready, boil egg for 5 minutes, and let stand 10 more minutes. Color eggs, if desired.

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