postheadericon Biko Kalabasa (Squash Biko)

Tired of the ordinary biko? Why not try this biko or sticky rice combined with squash? A healthy biko combined with a vegetable which is a perfect dessert for people who don’t want to eat veggies.


1 kilo glutinous rice
1 cup water
1 heap pandan leaves
1/2 kalabasa, chopped
coconut milk from 7 pcs coconut
800 gms white sugar

How to cook Biko Kalabasa

  • Cook glutinous rice in water with pandan leaves. Set aside.
  • Boil kalabasa in coconut milk.
  • Add sugar, stirring constantly until mixture becomes sticky.
  • Add glutinous rice and mix well until mixture becomes dry.
  • Spread on a platter. Slice and serve.

Squash Biko

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