How to make Coconut Milk and Cream

Most Filipinos or other Asians already know how to make coconut milk or cream. But for those who are not familiar with coconut milk or cream, see procedure below to make it. You also can buy powdered coconut milk in a market if making it from raw material is not practical.

  1. First thing we need is grated mature coconut (niyog in Filipino). You can buy it on a wet market.
  2. Put the grated coconut on a basin or large bowl. If you bought one coconut, pour 1/2 cup of boiling water.
  3. Let it cool until you can touch it. Mash it with your hands until the milk goes out of the pulp.
  4. Repeat the process several times then scoop out a handful and grip it with your hands until the milk pours down the basin.
  5. Transfer the extracted pulp to another container. Repeat the process until there are almost no pulp left on the basin.
  6. Strain the milk to a bowl or container.
  7. You now have the Coconut Cream(kakang gata in Filipino).
  8. Put the extracted pulp again on the basin and pour 1 cup of warm water and repeat step #4, #5 and #6
  9. You now have the Coconut Milk(gata in Filipino).

Cool Culinary Tips – Coconut Milk and Cream

To avoid curdling and separating of oil in coconut cream and milk, stir constantly over low heat uncovered. Never let mixture boil. Use a wide spatula to a lift and turn motion.