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Maja De Ube


3 cups fresh coconut cream, with no water added
1 cup fresh milk
1 cup evaporated milk
1 cup water
5 pc pandan (fragrant screw pine) leaves
2 cups white sugar
4 cups ube pulp (yam), peeled, boiled and mashed finely
1 tbsp salt
1/4 cup fresh butter
3/4 cup cornstarch

How to cook ginataang pinipig:

  • In a wok, mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Make sure mixture is free of lumps. Cook in medium heat.
  • Turn to low when maja starts to boil. Stir continuously to prevent mixture from scorching. When mixture starts to glisten, maja is fully cooked.
  • Immediately transfer into baking casserole to set. Discard pandan leaves. Slice and serve when cool. Top with toasted grated coconut.

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  1. this was so help full!!!!!!!!!tnx :p

  2. i have learn new recipes thank you very much

  3. joyce says:

    tnx 4 the help . , this website really save me .ty much ,

  4. anne nardo says:

    i love kakanin very much.. i will try this recipe…can i add langka for more flavor?..thanks!

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