Minatamis na Saging na Saba

Sweetened banana is one of the favorite desserts for us filipinos. The banana variety is saba or plantain which is boiled in water with brown sugar until the syrup thickens. Simply eaten as is or sometimes with crushed ice and evaporated milk. There are some who sprinkle it with pinipig. The recipe I got is quite unique because it was boiled with ginger and lemon grass and served with a topping of vanilla ice cream. Sounds tasty. So here is thee recipe:


4 tbsps. ginger
1/2 stalk lemongrass
2 cups water
1 cup sugar
5 pieces saba bananas
Ice cream ( optional )


How to make Minatamis na Saging na Saba

  • Steep ginger and lemongrass in 2 cups water. Boil and strain.
  • Add sugar and banana to liquid and let boil until sugar melts.
  • Serve with vanilla, macapuno or mango ice cream.

Minatamis na Saging