Suman Sa Lihia


1 kilo malagkit rice
2 tsp rock salt
2 tbsp lihia
banana leaves, cut into 6-8 inches diameter strips

5 pcs coconut, shredded
1-2 pcs sangkaka or 1 kilo brown sugar

How to make Suman Sa Lihia

  • Mix malagkit rice, lihia and rock salt together.
  • Wrap them in banana leaves into shape of squarish suman very carefully.
  • Bundle them in pairs and arrange in caldero casserole-steamer.
  • Put water about level of suman and cook over low fire.

Prepare sauce:

  • Extract milk from shredded coconut. Strain.
  • Set aside shredded coconut meat for topping.
  • Cook coconut milk with sangkaka or brown sugar until mixture becomes thick.

For topping:

  • Toast shredded coconut meat in pan until almost dry.
  • Add brown sugar and continue toasting until done.
  • Serve suman with fine white sugar or sauce.
  • Top with toasted coconut.