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Below are meatless dishes which you will enjoy whether you are a vegetarian or just like vegetarian diet. Some recipes have ingredients like eggs and milk that came from animals so they are not for vegans but you can omit or substitute them. Just for the info there are many kinds of vegetarians and some eat fish and other sea creatures to which some recipes have some ingredients like shrimp or fish (but they are rare here). If you have some experiences to share you can visit our Facebook page or exchange recipes also. If you want to know of the latest update on this site, you can visit our Blog.

Banana Bud With Coconut Milk – boiled banana bud (ubod ng saging) in coconut milk mixture consisting of kalamansi juice and garlic then added with fried tofu ( tokwa ).

Banana Blossom Kilawin – boiled banana blossoms ( puso ng saging ) in coconut milk mixture with kalamansi juice,
salt, pepper and onion added with fried tofu.

Banana Bud with Sotanghon – sauteed banana bud (ubod ng saging ) in onion, garlic and tomatoes then added with
fried tofu squares and vermicelli.

Sautéed or Stir-Fried Buko – sauteed shredded coconut meat in onion, garlic and tomatoes then simmered with it’s own
buko juice.

Bulanglang – boiled mixed vegetables like malunggay leaves, squash, upo and onions in rice washing.

Chinese Fried Rice – meatless fried rice consist of green peas, boiled rice, green onion and eggs.

Chow Mien With Mushroom – cooked Chinese noodles with mushrooms, celery and onion.

Chow Mien with Tofu – cooked pancit canton or Chinese noodles with mushroom, gluten, fried tofu, fried garlic and soy sauce.

Stuffed Cucumber – stuffed cucumber with mixture consisting of chopped onions, shredded cheese, mashed hard boiled egg and cucumber pulp then sprinkled with bread crumbs and then baked.

Chop Suey – pinoys love chop suey because of it’s sea food and meat but this is a meatless chop suey recipe
for vegetarians or those who want to try a meatless chop suey.

Carrot Drumsticks – a mock chicken drumstick made from cooked mashed carrots, bread crumbs and egg..

Baked Eggs – baked whole eggs with butter. There is also shirred and on toast versions.

Fried Eggs With Sweet and Sour Sauce – fried eggs simmered in sweet in sour sauce.

Buttered Eggs With Green Peppers – beaten egg cooked in a double boiler with butter then stirred to form a paste.

Mock Egg Cutlets – fried cutlets made with tofu and soy milk to immitate egg based cutlets subtituted with tofu for those allergic or cannot eat eggs.

Egg Foo Young – Chinese egg foo yong made from bean sprouts, eggs and mushroom.

Poached Eggs – eggs poached in water and lemon juice. It can also be poached with milk.

Scrambled Eggs – fried scrambled eggs with milk or cream for added richness.

Scalloped Eggs – baked slices of hard boiled eggs in layers of bread crumbs with milk or cream.

Scalloped Eggs With Carrots – baked slices of hard boiled eggs in layers of buttered bread crumbs with milk or cream and carrots.

Egg Sarciado – Sliced hard boiled eggs with sauce made from sauteed onions and tomatoes.

Ampalaya With Eggs – sauteed bitter melon in onion and garlic then cooked with beaten eggs.

Steamed Egg – similar to poached eggs but cooked in a skillet with oil.

Quail Eggs Arroz Caldo – arroz caldo, a flavored rice gruel using quail eggs instead of the traditional chicken.

Crispy KangKong – fried kangkong leaves with egg batter mixture.

Guinataang Papaya (w/ picture) – unripe papaya slices cooked in coconut milk with spices.

Broiled Eggplant Dish – broiled eggplants in charcoal, skinned and served with kalamansi or lime juice, garlic onions, salt and pepper then garnished with tomatoes.

Eggplant Cheese Omelette – boiled and mashed eggplant mixed with scrambled eggs and cheese then fried like an omelet.

Stuffed Eggplant – whole eggplant stuffed with mixture of gluten burger, green pepper, mushrooms and eggs then simmered.

Peanut And Eggplant Scallop – baked chopped eggplants with condensed tomato sauce, buttered bread crumbs, chopped peanuts and cheese.

How to Make Gluten – procedure on how to make gluten.

Sautéed Mushrooms – sauteed mushrooms in butter with green onion, soy sauce and sweet pepper.

Broiled Gluten – a simple procedure on broiling gluten.

Chili Con Gluten – a meatless version of chili con carne.

Gluten Curry – curried gluten cooked in coconut milk and boiled eggs.

Gluten Cutlets – baked gluten cutlets with eggs, celery and tomato puree.

Gluten Afritada – a meatless version of afritada instead of using chicken, gluten was used as a substitute.

Fried Gluten – a golden brown recipe of fried gluten.

Gluten Guisado – stir fried ground gluten with vegetables and spices.

Indian Curry – a simple recipe of a vegetarian indian curry.

Gluten Potpie – a vegetarian potpie made from gluten, mushroom, potatoes and milk.

Gluten Steaks – a perfect steak for vegetarian, but be sure you don’t have gluten intolerance.

Gluten Stew – a gluten stew recipe cooked in rice washing then added with vegetables.

Huevos Mexicanos – baked bread cubes with tomato juice, eggs, cheese and spices.

Gluten Tinola – a meatless tinola dish for vegetarian. The original recipe uses chicken and green papaya but
this recipe uses gluten.

Pasta with Creamy Brocolli Sauce – cooked pasta dressed with whipped cream and mixed with brocolli, tomatoes and

Gluten or Vegemeat Arroz Caldo – arroz caldo recipe that uses gluten as a substitute for chicken.

Tofu Arroz Caldo – arroz caldo recipe without using chicken. Instead fried tofu or tokwa is used.

Emerald Fried Lumpia (w/ picture) – a vegetarian springroll or lumpia made from vegemeat, kang kong, carrots, bean

Pinangat na Laing (w/ picture) – taro leaves stuffed with sardines and cooked in coconut milk and vinegar.

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