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Below are meatless dishes which you will enjoy whether you are a vegetarian or just like vegetarian diet. Some recipes have ingredients like eggs and milk that came from animals so they are not for vegans but you can omit or substitute them. Just for the info there are many kinds of vegetarians and some eat fish and other sea creatures to which some recipes have some ingredients like shrimp or fish (but they are rare here). If you have some experiences to share you can visit our Facebook page or exchange recipes also. If you want to know of the latest update on this site, you can visit our Blog.

Fruity Vegetarian Sinangag (Fried Rice) – a very unique fried rice. A fruity vegetarian fried rice or sinangag that will surely make your tongue and palate wonder of the taste.

Three Mushrooms Pasta – a nice way to cook mushrooms. This recipe consist of three varieties of mushrooms and can be a vegetable dish or a pasta dish.

Summer Vegetables Pasta – a flexible pasta or vegetable dish which can be also used as topping for fish fillets. This pasta is also a healthy alternative to tomato and meat pasta.

Sinabawang Gulay (Boiled Vegetables) – a simple pinoy fad dish of boiled native vegetables with knorr fish cube. Just what you see in TV commercial.

Sauteed Monggo Sprout – a simple sauteed monggo sprouts recipe with bell pepper and carrots.

Humba Na Nangka Recipe – a native vegetable dish from northern mindanao region 10. Usually humba is a pork dish but this unique exotic dish is made from unripe jackfruit.

Eggplant Paksiw – this is an eastern visayas vegetable dish. An eggplant cooked in coconut milk and vinegar.

Vegetables With Peanut Sauce – blanch vegetables combined with peanut sauce mixture.

Carabao or Goat (Feta) Cheese Pasta – cooked pasta combined with chopped carabao or goat cheese ( feta).

Buko Lumpia – a unique way of serving lumpia or spring rolls.

Tokwa-Sayote Tortillas – soy bean curd and sayote omellet.

Kilawing Sibuyas – pickled white onion with scad flakes and chili peppers.

Pinakbet Ilocano Style – An original and very popular Filipino genre dish.

Papaya Ukoy – ukoy made from grated green papaya and traditional fresh small shrimp.

Ginataang Santol Sa Sili – ripe santol meat cooked in coconut milk with chili and ground pork which can be subtituted with vegemeat or white meat for vegetarians.

Lumpia de Barrio – a low calorie and mouth watering traditional lunpia recipe with a slight twist.

Stuffed Squash Flowers – stuffed squash flowers or rellenong bulaklak ng kalabasa in Filipino is actually flowers stuffed with cottage cheese, bean curd dipped in egg batter then fried.

Bamboo Shoots With Tahuri – cooked bamboo shoots in tahuri (fermented bean curd) tomatoes and onions.

Vegetarian Kare-Kare with Gluten (w/ picture) – a kare-kare recipe usually have ox tripe or pork legs as the main ingredients. But this vegetarian kare-kare only used gluten as substitute for the meat.

Vegetarian Kare-Kare – a kare-kare recipe usually have ox tripe or pork legs as the main ingredients. But this vegetarian kare-kare only used the vegetables and omitted the meat.

Bamboo Shoots And String Beans Adobo – thinly sliced bamboo shoots cooked with string beans, vegemeat and vegetable broth.

Cheese Loaf – made from cooked macaroni and lots of grated cheese, vegemeat, bread crumbs, milk and eggs then baked.

Apan-Apan – a relish or appetizer made from kangkong stems boiled in kalamansi juice and water the sauteed with garlic, tomatoes and onions in oil.

Lumpia Macaw – a meat less spring roll made from vegemeat or gluten as substitute for chicken or pork meat.

Papaya Lumpia – meatless lumpia or springroll made from green papaya, tofu, potatoes.

Picadillo With Malunggay – a stew made from vegemeat, rice washing, tomatoes and malunggay leaves.

Ginataang Malunggay – malunggay leaves cooked in coconut milk.

Merry-Go-Round – fried vegemeat or gluten slices stewed with peas, carrots and onions.

Estofado – fried gluten stewed with sweet pepper, saba bananas, carrots, onion and garlic.

Mock Drumsticks with Gluten – ground gluten mixture with soy beans, egg, toast crumbs and onion shaped into
drumsticks and baked.

Mock Drumsticks with Mashed Potato – mock drumsticks made from mashed potatoes, bread crumbs, cooked rice,
eggs and onions then deep fried.

Mock Sausage – a vegetarian sausage made from cooked navy beans, flour, eggs and onions then baked.

Mock Meat Balls – a vegetarian meat balls made from ground vegemeat, boiled potatoes and breas crumbs.

Oatmeal Patties – oatmeal patties made from oatmeal, tofu, chopped nuts and onions.

Lentil Patties – recipe of lentil patties made from mash potatoes, cooked lentils, nuts and onions.

Stuffed Green Peppers – green peppers stuffed with rice mixture containing green pepper, nuts, celery, egg and bread

Burong Mustasa – popular fermented vegetable in the Philippines made from fermented mustard leaves.

Baked Potatoes With Low-Calorie Topping – a simple way of baking potatoes using a low calorie topping.

Low-Calorie Topping – Low-Calorie Topping made from low fat cottage cheese perfect for baked potatoes.

Vegetable Okoy – With this recipe, you can give them the chance to taste vegetables in a different way-crisp and tangy.

Potato Casserole – baked casserole made mostly from potatoes, gluten and peas.

Creamy Cheese Potatoes – cooked potatoes with milk, cream cheese, salt and chives then baked in an oven.

Grated Potato Patties – patties made from grated potatoes and flour then fried until golden brown.

Potato Picadillo – picadillo made from potatoes and eggs then simmered in a tomato sauce mixture.

Ginataang Santol – ripe santol meat cooked in coconut milk

Meatless Sinigang – a meatless sinigang which usually mixed with pork, beef of prawns.

Spaghetti Ala Diable – a meatless spaghetti using vegemeat as substitute. Filipino spaghetti have ground beef or
pork as a standard.

Vegemeat Spaghetti – another version of meatless spaghetti using vegemeat and with lots of cheese.

Marzetti Spaghetti – meatless spaghetti using gluten as meat substitute and mixed with hard boiled egg.

Stew Superb – stewed gluten with celery, onion and garlic.

Tofu Escabeche – fried tofu cooked in sweet and sour mixture with spices and vegetables.

Tofu Balls With Sweet And Sour Sauce – fried tofu balls similar to meat balls then served with sweet and sour sauce.

Tokwa Adobo With Coconut Milk – fried tofu cubes stewed and simmered in thick coconut milk.

Tokwa Sarciado – fried tofu squares and simmered with tomatoes, onion and garlic.

Utan – boiled vegetables like eggplants, onion, moringa leaves, tomatoes, bitter melon, squash, alugbati, string beans.

Vegetable Curry – vegetables and spices cooked in coconut milk and curry powder.

Vegetarian Fish Balls – how can you cook fish balls without fish? then try this recipe for a change!

Vegetable Fricassee – simmered fried gluten with vegetables then poured with cheesy sauce.

Peanut Loaf – baked peanut loaf made from cooked rice, bread crumbs and crunchy peanut butter.

Adobong Kangkong(Okra Or Siarilyas) – a vegetable adobo using kangkong leaves and stems.

Adobong Labong – a vegetable adobo using bamboo shoots and gluten.

Beans Casserole – red kindney beans simmered in spaghetti sauce mixture with garbanzos,
turnip, carrots and curry.

Vegetable Lasagna (w/ picture) – a delicious and appetizing lasagna added with lots of vegetables without the meat.

Vegetable Fritters Medley (w/ picture) – vegetable fritters made from carrots, sweet potatoes, flour

Kilawin Labanos (Pickled Radish) – a unique kilawin or kinilaw recipe using radish instead of fish or

Eggplant Asado  – a meatless asado substituted with eggplant. new


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